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Caffeine Bullet
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Caffeine Bullet Success Story - Lisamarie
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Caffeine Bullet Success Story - Lisamarie

Who are you? Introduce yourself to our community.

Hi, my name is Lisamarie and I’m an Ultrarunner. I live to see how far I can push myself, I run 100 to 200 and beyond races and have found pure joy in the sport

What inspired you to give Caffeine Bullet a try?

So I was about to run my first 72 hour, I saw an ad on Amazon for Caffeine Bullet and said why not, chocolate and caffeine that would be great for the taste buds!

On a serious note, it’s hard to drink coffee after so many miles and causes heartburn this was and is the best solution for me and it tastes awesome.

How did you find the taste and ease of use of our products?

Love the taste and zero aftertaste and it very convenient for those long distance races.

How has Caffeine Bullet played a part in your journey to smash your personal bests?

Well lately I have set several records at some races and set a record for the most miles ran in 48 hours in the state of Kansas.

As for a personal best I will be running the Cowboy 200 in less than a month and hope to knock off 10 hours off my personal best for the 200. Then we will see what happens next Caffeine Bullet will be playing a huge part of it.

For those considering trying Caffeine Bullet, what advice would you share?

Give it a try.  The taste is pleading, especially after many miles, easy to chew and the energy will inspire confidence

Caffeine Bullet Success Story Lisamarie



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