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Caffeine Bullet
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Caffeine Bullet Success Story - Matt Pearson
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Caffeine Bullet Success Story - Matt Pearson

Who are you? Introduce yourself to our community

Matt Pearson, 40 year old JCB dealer. I’m a complete novice participant in events but managed to get a place in the London Marathon for the Samaritans.

What inspired you to give Caffeine Bullet a try? Why did you feel like you needed a caffeine boost?

I was always flagging during the training and just couldn’t seem to get past that wall when I hit it. The gels and other bits just didn’t cut through the mental flagging and exhaustion. I saw an advert and thought I’d give them a go and having tried them I’ll always have them with me.

How did you find the taste and ease of use of our products? What do you typically use them for and why do you prefer them to alternative products?

The mint ones are nice and mild and don’t take too much chewing. The caffeine seems to kick in within a short time period.

How has Caffeine Bullet played a part in your journey to smash your personal bests?

They got me over the line at the London Marathon… this was a massive achievement for me who months before had never even done a 5k!

For those considering trying Caffeine Bullet, what advice would you share?

Give them a go, you’ll be surprised how clear your mind becomes and how you are then able to just push on




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