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F*** Black Friday Offer Explained
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F*** Black Friday Offer Explained

Why We HATE Black Friday 

At Caffeine Bullet, we've always had mixed feelings about Black Friday. You see, our founder, David Hellard, absolutely despises it. It's a sentiment that kicks harder than chewing through a full four-pack of Caffeine Bullets in one go (which we certainly don’t advise!). Last year, we decided to be rebels with a cause. Instead of diving headfirst into the Black Friday madness, we chose to prioritise people over profit. We donated 20% of all our sales to two amazing running-based charities, Free To Run and The Running Charity. Sounds noble, right?

Well, here's the kicker (pun intended)! While the charities were close to David’s heart, that doesn’t mean they were to our customers and ultimately people still want a discount on Black Friday (imagine our shock), so as a result not that many people bought, so we didn’t raise a huge amount for the charity. 

Caffeine Bullet Founder David Hellard With Head In hands On Dragons Den


We think it would have been far better to offer 10% off and 10% to charity. So now we’re left wondering, what on earth should we do this year?

Since then our new Marketing Manager, Curtis Stocken (the Relentless Bullet) has been brought in to steer the Caffeine Bullet revolution, spearhead exciting offers, lead the charge into the digital frontier (like our shiny new website), listen intently to what our Caffamily desires, and he knows a huge Black Friday offer is exactly what you crave! We respect the Caffamily, but we just can't ignore David's anti-Black Friday vibes.

This Year's F*** Black Friday Offer

So here's the deal. After much debate, we met somewhere in the middle. It's definitely not a Black Friday offer…It's more like an antidote to the exhaustion that Black Friday, the festive season, and endless shopping can bring. We want to load you up with FREE energy and motivation when you buy during our F*** Black Friday promotion. Why? We love all our loyal customers and know how chaotic this time of year can be!


We're here to ensure you not only keep smashing your personal bests but also have the energy you need to power through the cold, dark, and, let's face it,  stressful festive shopping, tasks, and activities. Think of it as our way of saying, "We've got your back."

F*** Black Friday Offer Explained

Now, let's get to the good stuff - the offers. Remember, these are definitely not Black Friday deals.


Buy 1 Bag Get 1 Bag Half Price (MINTense & ChocoLIT)

F*** Black Friday Caffeine Bullet Campaign Buy One Get One Half Price


Applies to: Performance Caffeine Energy Chew Bundle - 80 Chews  (1 Bag of MINTense + 1 Bag of ChocoLIT).

T’s & C’s: You can use one code per order, and please note that this code doesn't work with subscription products.

All you need to do is pop the bundle into your basket, sprinkle some magic with the code NOTBLACKFRIDAY, and voila! Like a caffeine wizard, you'll score a full bag of energy for half the price!

Buy More, Save More…

3 Bags For the Price of Two (Any Flavour!)

F*** Black Friday Caffeine Bullet Campaign 3 For 2 Bags


T’s & C’s: You can use one code per order, and please note that this code doesn't work with subscription products.

You can't double up on the codes. But, you can load up your basket with as many 3 bags as your heart desires.  Once you've got your flavour mix just right, pop the 3 bag option(s) into your basket, then apply the code NOTBF3FOR2. The third bag is all yours, for free! So, stack up the bags, mix those flavours, and enjoy our F*** Black Friday deal today! 
But remember, it's not Black Friday, and we are definitely not calling it that. Consider it a friendly gesture for being a legendary loyal customer. So, grab your cape (because you're a hero, too) and make the most of our extraordinary non-Black Friday offers!



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