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Who Are Ginger Roars For? Discover Your Perfect Energy Boost
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Who Are Ginger Roars For? Discover Your Perfect Energy Boost

In a world where energy is everything, Ginger Roars have burst onto the scene as more than just your run-of-the-mill vegan-friendly snack.

Taste was our #1 priority in creating Ginger Roars, which is why they took us 5 years to develop. The slight fire of ginger combines with the sweetness of cane sugar and subtlety of virgin coconut oil to create the most delicious energy plant-based chews that will leave you purring and roaring for more.

Wherever life takes you, Ginger Roars will be your trusty companion. Individually wrapped for convenience, these chews can accompany you on any adventure, providing a roar of energy whenever and wherever you need it. So, let’s dive into this blog and uncover how Ginger Roars can be used in any walk of life.

Ginger Roars close up shot of individually wrapped chews resting on a slice of ginger

An Energizing Snack for Busy Professionals & Busy Parents:

For the On-the-Go Professionals: For anyone working in a fast-paced workplace, you’ll know how precious time can be and how you can often go hours without stopping. Ginger Roars are the perfect, convenient pick-me-up when in need of a quick energy boost during those demanding workdays. These trusty pocket-sized companions keep your focus razor-sharp without the energy crash. In a world filled with board meetings and deadlines, Ginger Roars ensure you’re always ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Energy for Shift Workers & Long-Distance Drivers: The unique blend of ginger’s revitalising effects offers a natural boost to help you conquer night shifts or or the late-nights on the open road. Whether it’s a late night healthcare worker’s or a cross-country journey, Ginger Roars are your trusty fatigue-fighting snacks that won’t keep you awake once your shift ends.

For the Superhero Parents: It can be a nightmare trying to keep up with the kids, household chores, and everything else that comes with being a parent. But these guilt-free, vegan-friendly energy bites are the perfect, near-instant energy boost you need when managing school runs, grocery shops and short-intense workouts.

Revitalising University Students:

During Marathon Study Sessions: Ginger Roars are the ultimate study companions. Think of them as your mental endurance boosters. As those hours tick away during intense study sessions, these chews become your trusted allies against mental fatigue. Whether you’re buried in textbooks or knee-deep in research projects, Ginger Roars provide the sustained focus you need to excel.

Food for Exams: Picture having a snack that not only tickles your taste buds but also sharpens your cognitive clarity. These chews ensure you’re operating at your mental peak when it counts the most. These will keep your mind razor-sharp without the jitters you’d get from energy drinks.

Ginger Roars desk and laptop shot

Fuelling Fitness Enthusiasts:

Pre-Workout Power: Ginger Roars are an ideal alternative to your traditional pre workout supplements. Picture the kick of caffeine that you can perfectly align with your workout intensity. Whether you’re hitting a quick gym session or diving into intense training, these chews offer tailored energy.. At 33mg caffeine per chew, you can take one for a little lift or 2-3+ for a mighty roar giving you more control over your caffeine intake.

Providing Health Benefits: The raw ginger in Ginger Roars is a great source of gingerols – a compound found in ginger that is responsible for multiple health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health.

Ginger Roars unwrapped chew in garden shot

Supporting Endurance Athletes: Sustained Energy for Endurance Challenges: Ginger Roars provide a consistent and dependable energy source that also help prevent GI issues during training and racing. These chews make sure you stay strong and steady throughout the most gruelling races and training sessions. Whether it’s a marathon or a triathlon, Ginger Roars provide the sustained energy needed to finish your race strong.

Perfect energy boost for ultra events: Ginger Roars contain raw ginger, because of ginger’s nausea relief and digestion-boosting properties they alleviate gastrointestinal issues, making them an essential addition to your endurance training nutrition strategy or for gut issues. That’s not the only superpower our ginger caffeine chews have, numerous scientific studies have shown that ginger combats inflammation, reducing fatigue, muscle soreness and joint pain.

During Active Adventures: Whether it’s hiking, biking, or dominating sports, our caffeinated ginger chews deliver an unbeatable endurance boost. From conquering mountain trails to crossing finish lines, Ginger Roars keep your energy steady and your spirit roaring.

Ginger Roars bag shot during a hike

Embracing the Roarsome Qualities of Ginger Roars:

After five years of meticulous development, we finally found a harmonious balance – the slight fire of ginger dances with the sweetness of cane sugar and the subtlety of virgin coconut oil. Each chew becomes a delicious burst of flavour that will leave you purring and wanting for more.

Crafted from raw ginger, virgin coconut oil, and cassava root, these chews offer a full-flavoured energy experience. A raw ginger, plant-based treat that stands out for its quality and ethics, without compromising on taste. We all live busy lifestyles, so we also had convenience in mind when creating this roarsome caffeinated ginger chew. Individually wrapped for your ease, these chews become your trusty sidekick on every journey. Whether it’s a hiking trip or a busy day at work, Ginger Roars deliver an instant roar of energy, ensuring you’re prepared for any situation that comes your way in life.

Ginger Roars redefine the energy snack. With only 17 calories per chew, they offer a refreshing boost of clean energy without the burden of excess calories. They fit seamlessly into every facet of life, from boardroom meetings to gym sessions. These chews serve as your allies during moments when you need that extra push, that little lift, or even a mighty roar. Unlike energy drinks and pre-workouts, Ginger Roars provide a smooth and sustained energy boost without the subsequent crash.

  • 33 mg of Caffeine Per Chew
  • Less than 17 Calories
  • 6 Wrapped Gummies per Pack
  • Perfect for On the Go
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Delicious Taste
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • Less Risk of Sleep Disruption

Ginger Roars bag product shot


Ginger Roars are more than just your average energy chew – they’re the perfect energy solution for anyone that needs an extra boost. From bustling professionals needing an edge, to tireless parents trying to keep up with their kids, from focused students to dedicated athletes, Ginger Roars can seamlessly adapt to your lifestyle. 

So, who are Ginger Roars for? They’re for you – anytime you’re in need of some clean, convenient roarsome energy.



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