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The 5 Principles Behind Our Plans

1. Our plans obey the 80:20 principle

this means that around 80% of your training week will be performed at an easy intensity. Consistently spending less than 80% of training at an easy intensity can increase injury risk and lead to poorer race performance. Analysing training intensity distribution in other training plans was key when designing our plans as it is extremely common to see training weeks fall significantly below 70% easy intensity training.

2. Our plans are easy to adjust

They’re kept simple and the progression patterns are easy to recognise. We understand the variability in response to training between individuals, so we want you to be able to easily modify our plans to suit YOUR needs and get the most out of your training.

3. No plans start too hard

Assuming you start the plan with the appropriate level of fitness and experience, no plan starts too hard or too fast. As large jumps in weekly training workload can drastically increase injury risk. Therefore, our plans aim to ease you in to ensure you’re able to reach the start line as well as the finish line. If the plan is too hard you can change to an easier plan and if it’s too easy you can either adjust it or move up to the next plan.

4. We prioritise recovery

All of our plans have deloads/recovery weeks built into them to limit the risk of overtraining. They are clearly marked and can be adjusted by the user to suit their recovery abilities. Don’t be afraid to reduce the mileage of these weeks even further if you feel the need to.

5. We listen to your feedback

We want to hear from anyone using our plans so we can make them even better. All we care about is making sure you get a new personal best!