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UK's No. 1 Natural Plant Energy Brand TRIBE

Whether you want to run a marathon, walk more steps every day or just make healthier snack choices... TRIBE Natural Energy are here to fuel your Summer adventures.

TRIBE are the UK's leading Natural Energy brand and make Great Taste Award-winning protein energy snacks and muesli. As the Independent said, 'Firm restraint was needed to hold back from eating every bar in the box'. Discover the Force of Nature.

Win our full range of products inc Caffeine Bullets (V) & Ginger Roars (VG) & Sustain Gum (VG) - Worth £126.83

Caffeine Bullet Energy Chews

Boost performance in all sports with Caffeine Bullet, our chews provide energy within only 5 mins, as the caffeine kicks 3x faster than gels, pills & drinks. Fancy a gentler kick? Try Ginger Roars, our vegan energy chews. These tasty bites combine fiery ginger, sweet cane sugar, and rich coconut oil with 33mg caffeine, for smooth, crash-free energy

That's not all—you can be the first to try our brand new Sustain Gum, the first-ever 100% biodegradable, plastic-free caffeine gum (50 mg per piece).

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WIN 3 pairs of performance running socks - Worth Over £50!

ABSOLUTE360® Performance Sportswear

Born from a passion for movement and an active lifestyle, they create products that bring performance and comfort to you, everywhere!

Their clothing is designed in the UK and meticulously crafted in Italy with performance and comfort in mind, using infrared technology in their garments to enhance your athletic performance and muscle recovery, giving you a competitive edge.

5 Recipe Boxes - Worth Over £50

GRUBBY Plant Based Meal-Kits

Save time on meal planning and enjoy restaurant-quality, plant-based meals delivered to your door.

Fresh, nutritious ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes making eating more plants a breeze. Anyone who says going plant-based is tricky and tasteless is telling porkies.