Welcome back to the Caffeine Bullet Club, it’s great to see you again! You’re a big part of our constantly growing community that includes thousands of people ranging from athletes to busy parents to students.

Here’s a reminder of what to expect:

CUTTING EDGE SPORT SCIENCE – in an easily digestible format – yum. For example, examining a study on fatigue at UTMB by Prof Guillaume Millet. 

FREE TRAINING SUPPORT – from world-leading experts – we’re going to be building out training plans for all running distances, then taking on triathlon, cycling and open water. 

COMPETITIONS & PARTNERSHIPS – time for a Power Up! Every month all subscribers are automatically entered into our prize draw and we’re partnering with other small businesses to bring you bigger prize bundles.  

EMAIL-ONLY DISCOUNTS – we reward our community with discounts that aren’t published anywhere other than by email. Here’s one right now: BACKTOGETHER will give you 30% off at the checkout.

COMMUNITY & FREE RACE ENTRY – from half marathons to global ultras, we’re partnering with new series to build your race CV.   

NEW PRODUCT TRIALS – sent to our subscribers to try for feedback before anyone else – we’re developing 3 super-duper new ranges right now.

You’re also invited to join in the conversation with other Bullettes. You can join our community on both Facebook and Instagram, where you can ask and answer questions, share experiences and help inspire other members of the community. You can also learn more about caffeine and training in our blogs:

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