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Caffeine Bullet
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Benefits of Caffeine in Sport
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Benefits of Caffeine in Sport

Fat Mobilisation

Caffeine releases fat into the bloodstream, mobilizing fat stores and delaying muscle glycogen depletion. It allows athletes to train harder, longer, and faster before experiencing fatigue. This can help you achieve a new personal best, secure extra places in a race, or push through those last few reps at the gym.

Caffeine Bullet Founder David Hellard Running

Reduced Perception of Effort and Pain

Caffeine affects the central nervous system, influencing dopaminergic and other neurotransmitter systems, which reduces symptoms of fatigue. Additionally, it decreases skeletal muscle pain and force sensation, making it easier to train intensely and push beyond mental limits.

Improved Focus and Concentration

Caffeine users maintain higher dopamine concentrations, particularly in brain regions associated with 'attention.' This neurochemical interaction enhances sustained concentration and focus, benefiting not only office work but also endurance event performance.

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About Caffeine Bullet

Caffeine Bullets are performance enhancing energy chews with 100mg* caffeine and 4 types of electrolytes, formulated for athletic performance, to be taken before and during exercise to improve endurance, increase alertness and reduce the perception of pain. Far more convenient and concentrated than a gel, the caffeine is absorbed through your gums, to give you a more pronounced effect up to 3 times faster so that you can train harder and perform better.

Available in two flavours:

  • MINTense: Delivers a refreshing blast of spearmint that will awaken your senses. With each chew, you'll experience a burst of minty fresh flavour that revitalises your taste buds and fuels your energy levels. So good that it secured investment from notable Dragons, Steven Bartlett & Peter Jones, on the show "Dragons' Den."

  • ChocoLIT Orange: Has a unique combination of energising and delicious flavours. A perfect blend of dark chocolate, orange zest, and caffeine. This chew is designed to give your body an energy boost in an enjoyable way. Oh, and did we mention they're award-winning? They clinched the Editor’s choice for best value race nutrition at the Women's Running Awards in both 2020 and 2022!



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