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Caffeine Bullet
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Caffeine Bullet Success Story - Andrew Rawding
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Caffeine Bullet Success Story - Andrew Rawding

Who are you? Introduce yourself to our community

Andrew Rawding, father of seven amazing children, Clergyman, aged 54.

What inspired you to give Caffeine Bullet a try? Why did you feel like you needed a caffeine boost?

When you get over 50 you need as many boosts you can find!

I researched online and discovered that beetroot and celery were key components of a running diet, getting oxygen around the body quicker.

I also was looking for free marathon training plans and discovered ‘Caffeine Bullet’. Seeing as the plans were free I decided to purchase both Ginger Roars and Caffeine Bullets.

I roared around a sub 40 minute 10k in training on ginger fumes. I also used a bullet in the Hackney Half Marathon. It made me run so fast at the finish that both my calf muscles popped (tired after a marathon a few weeks earlier). So I decided to do calf strengthening exercises and use the bullets in London Marathon 2024.

How did you find the taste and ease of use of our products? What do you typically use them for and why do you prefer them to alternative products?

Taste is great but Caffeine Bullets need to be warmed up to soften up. Recommend back pocket of running shorts.

Other tip would be to pre-cut bullets prior to race and take in manageable bites.

How has Caffeine Bullet played a part in your journey to smash your personal bests?

I took two Caffeine Bullets in London Marathon 2024, one at mile 18 and one at miles 21.

I noticed an evident shift in my tiredness levels and I started to overtake other runners. It also helped with the pain of an end of toe blister and under toe nail blister which both seriously kicked in after mile 25.

For those considering trying Caffeine Bullet, what advice would you share?

Train with them and practice opening, chewing and swallowing. I find I have to keep a bullet in roof of mouth or under tongue to not disturb breath rhythm by chewing too much. It also means I get a longer release of the mint flavour, and the caffeine.

What PBs have Caffeine Bullet helped you set (what was your previous PB and what is it now?)

My previous London Marathon PB was 2:58 in 2000 aged 30. In 2024 my new London Marathon PB was 2:54 aged 54.




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