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Caffeine Bullet
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Caffeine Bullet Success Story - Erica
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Caffeine Bullet Success Story - Erica

Who are you? Introduce yourself to our community

Erica, Runner/Cyclist & HR Supplier Manager, 42.

What inspired you to give Caffeine Bullet a try? Why did you feel like you needed a caffeine boost?

I definitely feel the benefit of caffeine on my sporting and mental performance during a run or a ride, but I don’t like being bloated by drinking too much tea or coffee, so the chew format is a lot more convenient and light on the stomach.

How did you find the taste and ease of use of our products? What do you typically use them for and why do you prefer them to alternative products?

I love the chocolate orange chews which are like chocolate toffees to me. Easy to carry and no digestive issues when using them (the same can't be said for gels).

How has Caffeine Bullet played a part in your journey to smash your personal bests?

They enable me to get that extra kick when in the latter part of difficult runs or races and cut precious seconds off my time!

What PBs have Caffeine Bullet helped you set (what was your previous PB and what is it now?)

Early days but my 10k is down from 51.53 to 51.50 so far! More to come 😀

For those considering trying Caffeine Bullet, what advice would you share? 

Start with the ginger chews first as they are only 33 mg caffeine & then if you need a bigger boost give Caffeine Bullets a go!




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