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Caffeine Bullet
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Caffeine Bullet Success Story - Shan
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Caffeine Bullet Success Story - Shan

Who are you? Introduce yourself to our community.

Hey everyone, I'm Shan, a 23-year-old figure skater from Nottingham!

What inspired you to give Caffeine Bullet a try?

I was initially inspired to give Caffeine Bullet a try because, as a figure skater, I'm always looking for ways to enhance my performance and push my limits. I'd previously always go for a latte before I trained but found drinking that much liquid would make me feel really uncomfortable, impacting my performance and making it more difficult to do jumps as well as I'd like.

How did you find the taste and ease of use of our products?

As an athlete with a busy training schedule, convenience is key, and these bullets make it so easy to get a quick energy boost without any hassle. Plus, they taste great, which is a big win for me!

How has Caffeine Bullet played a part in your journey to smash your personal bests?

Caffeine Bullet has played a significant role in helping me smash my personal bests on the ice and get more out of my evening training sessions when I feel like I have less energy to perform at my best.

For those considering trying Caffeine Bullet, what advice would you share?

For those considering trying Caffeine Bullet, my advice would be to incorporate it into your routine gradually. I began training with Ginger Roars so I could start with a small amount to gauge how my body responds and find the right balance for my needs. Now, when I'm having a big training session I'll go straight for a Mintense 100mg when I know I need a big hit.

Overall, Caffeine Bullet has been a game-changer for me!



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