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Make Fitness Easier Offer Explained
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Make Fitness Easier Offer Explained

Caffeine Bullet Mission  

At Caffeine Bullet, we're on a mission that's more epic than a superhero saga—we're here to energise the world into an active and kick-ass lifestyle. Sure, that might sound a bit like other brands, but for us, it's not just about our products giving you a delicious boost of energy, it's about ensuring your long-term health doesn't pay the price.

Fitness isn't a sprint, It's an ultra marathon. That's why we're not just slinging products; we're forging a community. Our goal? To be your guides, your cheerleaders, provide you with educational content, FREE marathon, half marathon and 5k plans and your companions in this legendary journey to a healthier and more badass you. 

How Caffeine Bullet Make Fitness Easier 

At Caffeine Bullet, we understand the whole 'new year, new me', but statistics tell us that 91% of resolutions meet their demise, with 43% biting the dust by the end of January.

Fitness goals are usually the first out the window because it’s wet and cold and you lack the energy to kickstart your new goals. The couch looks cosier than ever, and the thought of heading out for a run is about as painful as doing a 100-metre sprint on a track lined with Lego.

[Insert social video of why people don’t go to the gym]

For thousands of our customers, we've been the difference between squeezing in a workout and surrendering to Netflix. Whether you're into running, cycling, swimming, team sports, or hitting the gym, Caffeine Bullets are here to make fitness easier and propel you toward Smashing those Personal Bests.

But, with our delicious performance-enhancing chews, you get an instant hit of motivation and energy. We've been the difference between exercising and not exercising for thousands of our customers, whether it's for running, cycling, swimming, team sports, or hitting the gym. No matter what your fitness goals are in 2024, Caffeine Bullets make fitness easier and help you smash your Personal Best.

With over 450,000 packets sold and 1000s of 5-star reviews, it makes us immensely proud to hear about the positive impact we're having on people's lives. At Caffeine Bullet, we're not just about athletes breaking records or clocking faster marathon times. No, siree! It's also about you, lacing up those running shoes for the first time, tackling your inaugural 5k in 2024 - that's what Caffeine Bullet is all about.

Your fitness goals are unique to you, and caffeine bullets are here to support you in reaching and exceeding those personal milestones. 

We’re here to Make Fitness Easier for you!

[Embed Youtube Video of David Explaining Make Fitness Easier Campaign]

Make Fitness Easier Offer Explained

Not only do we hand out free training plans, but we've witnessed our products being the secret sauce for thousands of individuals. Whether it's the extra push to hit the gym, the stamina to cycle like a Tour de France champion, the second wind during a nail-biting football match, or the kick to conquer the marathon wall and smash your Personal Bests – we've got you covered!

Offer: Sitewide 20% Off + Free Delivery  (NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY)

Applies to the All Products and Sizes, Including Packs & Bags on our Website
T’s & C’s: You can use one code per order, and please note that this code doesn't work with subscription products.

Dunk as many bullets as you can into your basket, apply the code NYEZFIT, and voila! You'll score a basket full of energy with a 20% discount! You'll score a basket full of energy with a 20% discount!

Make Fitness Easier 20% Off Campaign for Caffeine Bullet

Buy More, Save More…
Offer: 25% Off All 1 Bags, 3 Bags & Bag Bundles + Free Delivery (NEW & EXISTING CUSTOMERS)
Code: NY25BAG

Applies to ChocoLIT Orange Energy Chew - 1 Bags (40 Chews) & 3 Bags (120 Chews) , Mintense Energy Chews - 1 Bag (40 Chews) & 3 Bags (120 Chews), Ginger Roars Energy Chews - 1 Bag & 3 Bags (180 Chews)

T’s & C’s: You can use one code per order, and please note that this code doesn't work with subscription products.

You can't double up on the codes, but you can load up your basket with as many 1 or 3 bags as your heart desires. Since it's the bigger offer, we're opening it up to both new and existing customers. If you haven't tried us before and don’t know the superpowers of Caffeine Bullet, this is your chance to be brave and take advantage of the bag offer. Once you've got your flavour mix just right, slam-dunk the 3 bag option(s) into your basket, then apply the code NY25BAG to get 25% OFF your order! So, stack up the bags, mix those flavours, and Make Fitness Easier!

Make Fitness Easier 25% Off Campaign for Caffeine Bullet



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