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March 01, 2024
Caffeine Bullet Success Story - Tim Taylor

Who are you? Introduce yourself to our community. I'm Tim, a secondary school History teacher working in Yarm North Yorkshire. I'm a keen runner in my spare time and have just...

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Caffeine Bullet Success Stories - Josh Poullet

Meet Josh Poullet, a professional rugby player with a career spanning six years. As both a player for Nottingham and a coach, Josh values performance, and he found the ideal...

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Caffeine Bullet Success Story - Mark

I have been running since July 2021 after my daughter said I was starting to put on a bit too much weight. This shocked me and I didn’t want to...

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Caffeine Bullet Success Story - Lisamarie

So I was about to run my first 72 hour, I saw an ad on Amazon for Caffeine Bullet and said why not, chocolate and caffeine that would be great for the taste...

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